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Tuesday, May 3, 2011
Third meeting.

ATTENDANCE: Peter Marshall, Manuela Marshall, Myrna Roberts, Julie VanAlstine, Donna Pascoe, Dawn VanAlstine, Neil VanAlstine, Sonia Valana, Karen Garbe, Nathan Masters, Sarah Carvalho, Joe Simmons, Michael Van Huisseling, Leah Mitchell, Jill Pringle, Debbie Woodruff, Denise Boardman, Dawna VanSoelen, Ann Randeraad, Ruth MacInnis,, Nancy Rorke.

MINUTES OF APRIL 12TH - Julie reviewed minutes

MEETING ATTENDED - Donna, Peter and Manuela met with Economic Development Committee Which is seeking to bring organizations together for the betterment of the community. It was recommended that Riverbend get letters of support from the BIA, Lion Club, Headwaters Tourism and EDC to take to Council when requesting funds. To date, the BIA has replied. Donna and Sarah went to Beaux Art Gallery to see their set up. This Co-op is a big business and something to aspire to in the future. Space could be rented if Riverbend wishes to show there.

DUCK RACE – Jaqueline Halenka said that artists can bring their work to Hereward Park on May 28th If they wish to show. Please contact Jaqueline if you are interested.

BROCHURE - Neil said that a single fold sheet is the least expensive way to go. The group preferred a double fold 11” x 14” brochure as being more portable. When the correct number of artists showing is set, Neil will design the brochure and submit to Landsborough Printing. Cost should be around $500.00.

SIGNAGE - Michael said that he could do 3’ x 4 ‘ signs, cut and treated for around $40.00 each. He will price larger sign for entrance into Grand Valley. Peter priced 11” x 17” signs for windows at $60.00 set up cost and .25 cents each to print.

WEBSITE - Joe gave a cost of $500.00 to set up the website. He will need a CD of each artists work and personal website information to link up. This website gives Riverbend the chance to link up with many other organizations.

LOGO - There were 14 logo submissions and a vote made Julie’s logo the one chosen to be used for signage and letterhead.

BUDGET - Peter spoke about fees for membership has to be considered. Between the brochure costs Headwaters Tour fees, signage, the website and advertising in the Sesquicentennial magazine at about $1,800.00. The Council Meeting is on May 10th and it is hoped they will help with these start up costs.

Other ways to find monies include requesting donations from Thomasville Homes and Orica. It was decided that a proper presentation is important in the form of a formal letter of request.

CONSTITUTION- Myrna Roberts, Leah Mitchell and Debbie Woodruff will work on creating the Constitution. At the next meeting the Constitution will be voted on and a bank account opened.

IDENTITY - Riverbend could work with other groups, but it is best to try to remain independent. Dawn had information about Artist Run Centers who can receive help from EMPAC and Canada Council. Debbie said that the group can open a bank account without registering but a Executive and a Constitution is needed.

COMMITMENT - IMPORTANT It is time for artists to commit to July 2nd and the Headwaters Studio Tour. May 17th is the deadline for notifying Riverbend and getting CD to Joe.

NEXT MEETING - Thursday, May 26, 2011 – 7:30pm Library ( tentative )
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