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Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Second meeting.

ATTENDANCE: Fifteen artists were in attendance.

REVIEW MARCH MINUTES: Donna gave an overview of the minutes. She spoke of the presentations Peter has given to The Economic Development Committee and The Grand Valley Business Association. Encouraging news: it was made clear to the EDC that the Artists of this area are intelligent, capable and many in number. The EDC are interested in where we are going with Riverbend, from a cultural promotion for our village and would like to be kept informed. Peter left them with a package to digest the benefits of supporting us in the town.

REVIEW OF LOGO: Dawna and Katherine had submissions for the logo. It was agreed that Dawna Van Soelen’s photos will look great on brochures but a drawn logo, suitable for embroidery and signage is needed. Nathan wants to submit his idea, so the final logo is still to be decided.

WEBSITE: Joe has agreed to create a website. He will submit a cost and description of how the site is to be set up. He will accept photos of art, and write up of each artist plus link up to websites if available. Put your art photo/s and short bio about yourself into 300dpi -jpeg format and email or provide a DVD/Cd for Joe Simmons. Also include your own website to be connected as a referral from the Riverbend Artists website.

SHOW LOCATIONS: Donna confirmed that some of the local businesses in Grand Valley have committed to letting us use their space for the July 2 Sesquicentennial event and also the Headwaters Studio tour Village Experience in October , that The Youth Centre need not be our main location, but is still an overflow space for our July 2 show. Glasscraft, Sime's and Brewed Awakenings have committed storefront space.

FINANCING: Money will be needed for entry fees for Headwaters Tour, brochure, signage and web- site. It was decided to allow the Steering Committee to put together a budget to present to Council for the funds needed. Michael said he would look into a format for the budget. Bill Adler agreed to provide the wording for requesting money from patrons or funding as well. Artists wanting to join the Riverbend group will have to pay dues, the amount of which is yet to be decided. Budget to be ready for our May 3 meeting and to present to the Town of Grand Valley on May 10 council meeting.

BROCHURE: Neil agreed to help with the set up and the printing to be done by Landsborough Printing. It will follow the format of Headwaters and Southgate brochures and should be able to represent about thirty artists. Budget for brochures to be ready for our May 3 meeting.

CONSTITUTION AND ELECTIONS: Myrna was not present and as our representative from Grand Valley Council, it was felt that her guidance was needed, so it will be addressed at the next meeting.

ART SHOWS: Those committed to the Sesquicentennial Show: Dawn VanAlstine, Peter Marshall, Manuela Marshall, Dawna VanSoelen, Leah Mitchell, Michael Van Huisseling, Sarah Carvalho, Donna Pascoe, Sonia Valana, Frank Hayword, Jill Pringle and Julie VanAlstine, Ann Randeraad, Jessica Dobson, Lukas Hardy, Nathan Adler

Those committed to the Headwaters Tour: Dawna, Leah, Michael, Donna, Peter, Manuela, Dawn, Donna P, Nathan and Julie, Jill, Sarah, Ann R, Jessica, Frank.

Anyone who is still interested in participating in either or both of the art show events coming up please let us know before the next meeting on Tuesday May 3, 2011.

  • ALL ARTISTS – on CD/DVD, a photo of best work and 100 word or less write-up about the artist. Please provide in Jpeg 300dpi format for website and two line write-up for brochure. ASAP. Submit to Joe at phone 519-928-5904. Or email info directly to Joe.
  • Michael to check out cost for the construction of ten metal signs.
  • Peter to check out printing cost of window signs.
  • ALL ARISTS - to say whether they will commit to the Sesquicenntenial one day show on
  • July 2nd, and the three day Autumn Tour, September 30th to October 2nd, 2011. ASAP.
  • Joe to contact the Library regarding the hosting of the website.
  • Everybody to decide if you want to take one of the positions in the Executive Committee.
  • Positions available are Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

    NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, May 3, 2011 7:30pm at Library

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