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Why a writer writes?

Perhaps because he has thoughts that keep him awake at night, or knot....

Maybe they think there mind is clearer. Perhaps it is..

An Essay

The Insanity of our Times

First thought:
Maybe Russia does not want confrontation with NATO (the West) having in living memory the results of the German Invasion of Russia in Operation Barbarossa on June 22, 1941 and realizing the apocalyptic results therein, perhaps would like to establish a peacful construct to the Earth.

The other alternative is nuclear war which maybe the rrp&pm (really rich people & policy makers) have somehow figured out to avoid (as laid out by Dr. Strangelove in the movie of the same name) and therefore, realizing the rewards of their devastation as manifest in the Mental Constructs of the various "intellects" of these persons, (lower population etc.), doesn't float for most of the proletariat.

Therefore the manical response to the President of the United States press conference in Helsinki July 16, 2018 has to be attributed to something.
Let's deal with the obvious.
  1. The fantastic wealth generated by the miltary-industrial-congressional complex wants no breach to the current circumstance - maintain the death-war cult existence at all costs.
  2. The cheerer's on - the people who are the sidelined whose heads are so full of drivel that their capacity of discriminating thought has been so deystroyed to make them like new-born chicks who immediately associate the first moving thing they see to be their mother. Pavlov would be interested indeed.
  3. To let these muddy forces (and/or useful idiots) determine our future that surely will end in nuclear destruction for the most of us without input from clearer thinking individuals would be a blinding omission to any individual who would be deystroyed (which include most life on this planet).
  4. That the elites are so craven as to do anything to avoid the life that most of us live and therefore must preserve their wealth at any cost.
  5. Seems like a pretty silly way to go.