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This novel is for mature audiences only.
Imagine a world that is completely dominated by the rich and powerful, a world in which the underclass consists of everyone but these selected few.

A world where their usefulness has been nullified by the advance of technology, that the ruling class percieves their continuing existence only as a burden on their dwindling resources.

It is the future, 1998. The place is Toronto. Canada has ceased to exist, replaced by independent economic zones of which Toronto is one.

Into this mix, is thrown Ted Shephard, an investigator and security consultant who is retained by a street gang to track down three of its members, all last seen in the company of the police.

It's here the story starts, as Shephard unveils a massive plot to further enslave this underclass by a force that is marshalling itself, using every means at its disposal, from new experimental drugs to brute force.

It leads him to uncover the plot for the Satanic Apocalypse, the final manifestation of the evil that is so pervasive in the world. Not only will it exploit this seething underclass, it will enslave all it captures in its net, even beyond the grave.

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