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A Grand Valley “Arts and Culture proposal

For a visual representation of the economic benefits to the community, please view the attached pdf document - Grand Valley "Arts Economy" Cluster Analysis chart.

First Meeting of the Riverbend Artists of Grand Valley - Held at Grand Valley Library, Mar 29

Participation in the Headwaters Arts Festival
September 23 to October 10, 2011

The Festival lasts 18 days and involves art, dance, music, theatre and authors. There are events, open studios, an art show and sale, workshops, and programs for kids.

Participation in the September Arts Festival could be a natural offshoot from the art event Grand Valley is producing at the Sesquicentennial being held here July first and has the potential of bringing new people from areas outside Grand Valley to see the artists and thus the town –two times.

By providing assistance and a location to display local artists’ works Grand Valley can capitalize on the overall marketing of the Headwaters Arts Festival that has an advertising distribution of 45 000 plus. The cost of the application will be around $100 to $150. This is good advertising value for the dollar.

Re: Council member Myrna Roberts’ vision for utilizing arts and culture for economic development in Grand Valley.

Donna Paseo is gathering local artists together to take part in the Sesquicentennial with a vision to develop an artists’ association that could create new opportunities for the arts and culture in Grand Valley.

From a report on Arts and the Economy presented to the National Governors Council in Washington DC it was found that “art industries” enhanced the quality of life and complemented community development and culture by enriching local amenities, attracting talented workers, adding to revenue, and enhancing community lifestyle which are often factors that influence a company’s decision to locate their business.

This can also translate into workers with families looking for real estate in an area infused with a community lifestyle that supports existing and enhanced local amenities.

By supporting the local artists the Council can enhance and add to the already exiting community activities in Grand Valley.

As well, a Regional Technological Study on Clusters of Creativity (Researched in the States) noted that tourist spending has a direct correlation to the number of arts and cultural workers and their activities in the community.

It would be fantastic for the community through the Council and the area artists to foster art and culture in Grand Valley and area in order to help create an arts economy that would encourage businesses, support local artists and art endeavours, create revenue, and create more interest in our area by putting East Luther Grand Valley a little more on the map.

Gathering local artists together is a start. Getting involved in the Festival is another way. The Council has a critical role in supporting the arts and culture through incentives, collaborations, location decisions, and policies.

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